'Signs of hope': Woodridge condo residents displaced by 2021 tornado seek financial help

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Monday, April 3, 2023
Suburban condo residents displaced by 2021 tornado seek financial help
Country Club Condo Complex residents were displaced by a Woodridge, Illinois tornado in 2021. They're still fighting for financial help.

WOODRIDGE, Ill. (WLS) -- A Woodridge townhome is not livable, and has not been since a tornado tore through the area in the summer of 2021.

For now, the homeowner said she is staying in an apartment her insurance is paying for. Other displaced residents in the 24 homes impacted at Country Club Condo Complex are not as lucky. Some residents said they are staying with family or friends.

On Monday, several elected officials took a look tour of some of the damaged units. ABC7's camera was not allowed to follow inside, but they spoke afterward.

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"Recovery has been long. In particular, for the people of this property, it continues to be a long recovery," said Illinois State Sen. John Curran.

Some legislators shared efforts to get financial help those displaced.

"There are some signs of hope," said Woodridge Mayor Gina Cunningham. "Here, we'll share some information, hopefully you'll see as good information, and hopefully move into a new phase."

They also announced movement to settle the insurance claim for the condo association, which allows repairs to common areas and common elements like wiring, plumbing and walls. Farmers Insurance said the company is working to resolve the claim.

"It's really important, when these disasters strike, that the insurance companies do their job as prompt as possible," said Illinois U.S. Rep. Bill Foster.

Once the buildings are repaired, the owners can make repairs inside their townhomes. But, a timeline on the work is still unknown as some residents continue wait in temporary shelter, all while paying association fees.