Zion woman claims she's being harrassed because she's Muslim: 'I just want them to stop'

ZION, Ill. (WLS) -- This is a sacred time for Muslims across the world. Ramadan is in its third week and a north suburban woman had hoped to spend it in strengthening her faith, not worrying about her safety.

"Stop putting your religious trash bags at my door. I am a Muslim and your trash won't change that," reads the sign on Zion resident Fahtima Abdul Fattah's door.

They're directed toward the person, or persons, who she claims left anti-Muslim materials in a bag at her door at the Carmel House Apartments in Zion.

"There was a lot of newspaper clippings about terrorism and suicide bombing and things like that," Abdul Fattah said.

She said she discovered the most recent clippings on Monday morning.

Abdul Fattah said she found similar materials at her door two other times, along with information about Christianity.

This prompted her to move to a different floor of the building last year.

"I don't know if this person is like stalking me to recruit me to be Christian or whatever their religion or if they're trying to do something to harm me," she said.

For Muslims, Ramadan is a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community.

Abdul Fattah put a sign up on her door at the beginning of the holy month, asking her neighbors not to disturb her during prayer. She said she believes she may be the only Muslim in the building.

"My family is worried because I'm constantly opening my door to see if there's another package out there or something," she said.

Abdul Fattah said she has complained to her property management. Her property management told ABC7 no comment.

She has also filed a police report, which Zion police confirm.

"I just want them to stop," Abdul Fattah said.

Still, despite their actions, Abdul Fattah said she will keep them in her prayers.
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