Chicago mayoral election poll shows tight race between Paul Vallas, Brandon Johnson

Monday, March 13, 2023
Vallas goes negative on Johnson as polls show race tightening
The newest Chicago mayoral poll shows a tight race between Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson as Vallas released his first negative ad and Johnson defended his stance on CPD.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Chicago mayoral runoff election is just over three weeks away and a new poll shows the race tightening.

Mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson was on the campaign trail Monday morning, picking up an endorsement from more than 35 newly elected police district councilors.

The councilors were elected on February 28 to represent every neighborhood in the city in the first ever police district council elections.

Their role is to advance the civilian oversight of Chicago police and provide community input on policing and public safety.

"Brandon Johnson is the only mayoral candidate committed to working with us to make our community safer," 17th District Police Councilor Anthony Tamez said.

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Johnson was surrounded by some councilors who support de-funding the police, but the mayoral hopeful wanted to make himself clear.

"First of all, I never said defund the police. I want to clarify that," Johnson said. "Look, I've give thorough the police budget. I believe we have four graphic designers on the payroll. Now, maybe somehow graphic designers keep us safe. They might, but I have to look at that."

The two mayoral candidates are doing whatever they can to win over voters with the election just over three weeks away.

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Vallas stayed out of the public Monday, but he didn't stay silent. He released his first negative TV ad against Johnson, claiming he wants to defund police and raise taxes.

Over the weekend 19th Ward Alderman Matt O'Shea announced his support for Paul Vallas at the South Side Irish Parade in Beverly.

Fifteenth Ward Alderman Ray Lopez also endorsing Vallas in a separate event.

"I look forward to working with Paul Vallas," O'Shea said.

"There are many issues in this campaign, but there is no greater issue than public safety," Vallas said.

Over the weekend, Johnson was meeting with supporters as well, picking up an endorsement from Bishop Larry Trotter at Sweet Holy Spirit Church in Calumet Heights.

"I feel that Brandon Johnson is the choice for the people and the choice for the city," Trotter said.

Meanwhile, an independent poll of the runoff election shows Vallas holding a nearly six point lead over Johnson.

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In the poll, 44.9% of the respondents said they will vote for Vallas and 39.1% of the respondents said they will vote for Johnson.

Sixteen percent are still undecided.

"Look our campaign continues to grow and we continue to get stronger every single day because that captures the spirit of the city of Chicago," Johnson said.

With Election Day fast approaching on April 4, early voting is set to begin next Monday in all 50 wards.

Vallas and Johnson will debate in our ABC7 studios on Thursday.

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