How to spot phishing scam from fake Amazon emails about shipping

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Phishing emails are one way scammers try to get your information. One of their latest tactics is by using a fake Amazon email about a shipping order.

Jason Knowles with the ABC7 Chicago I-Team offers some quick tips about what the fraudsters are trying to do and how you can try to spot one of these phishing scams.

He said the scammers want you to click on the link provided in the email to "manage your order," hoping that you will enter your personal or private information. They may also try to install malware on your device and hold the device hostage.

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If you get an email like this from any company, Knowles said the best thing to do is delete the email, and of course, don't click on the link provided.

If you want to double-check, just to make sure that nothing is going on with your account, he recommends going directly to your account on that website organically to sign in and verify the information.
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