Texas man has more video games than anyone on earth

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Saturday, March 16, 2019
Richmond man has more video games than any one on the planet
Richmond man has more video games than any one on the planet

RICHMOND, Texas -- Antonio Romero Monteiro has more video games than you.

Correction: He has more video games than any one person has on this entire planet.

The Richmond man's 20,193 video games comprise the world's largest video game collection, as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

He says his collection includes games of almost every type, whether it's from his childhood, or from overseas, or even collectors items. He claims one in particular is worth between $500 and $700.

"I have some games that were only released in the Japanese market," he pointed out.

His collection is so massive, it's obvious he can't play them all.

"There are many, many unopened games," Monteiro said.

"So, you bought games just to buy games so you can play them," we asked.

"As part of the collection, yes," he said.

Before you wonder, yes, he's married to a "very patient, loving wife."

His life's work was certified just this past Monday.

"I was at work, in the middle of a meeting, and all of a sudden, I started jumping up and down," he remembered.

In order to verify the number of games, Guinness World Records sent two people to count the games. There are so many, it took them one week to count them all.

As for the expense of the whole scrounge, he believes he's spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.