Organizing tips from Ginny Bean

January 10, 2008 10:13:50 AM PST
Millions of people resolve to get organized in the New Year. Ginny Bean shares her top-three organizing tips, along with some great items from Ginny's catalog and website that can actually help you keep that resolution!

Make the most of your space. It seems there's never enough room for all the stuff we "can't live without." The trick here is to find products that do double-duty: performing two or more essential functions, in the same amount of space as one.

Ginny's Toaster/Toaster Oven $69.95

  • Keeping a separate toaster and toaster oven is a huge waste of counter space.
  • This is a great solution, recently featured in Real Simple.
  • Can do everything a toaster or toaster oven can do, in half the space.
  • And it comes in great designer colors like turquoise, hunter green and delicious red.
  • Drink Dispenser Set $15.95 for 2

  • Ingenious space-saver!
  • Ultra-thin containers designed to slide into a narrow refrigerator space.
  • Each holds one gallon.
  • Integrated top and side handles, and twist-and-pour valve.
  • Keep items where you use them. We waste a lot of time and effort searching for "stuff" when we need it. Here are some handy ideas for keeping essentials within easy reach.

    12-pc. Forged Cutlery Set $89.95

  • Countertop block eliminates rooting through drawers for the right knife.
  • Holds five essential stainless steel kitchen knives, plus 4 steak knives.
  • Also, shears and sharpening steel.

  • Front Organizer Bag $119.95

  • Where do most women spend the greatest amount of time fumbling for stuff?
  • Organizer purse has a fold-out wallet, so you'll never have to root for credit cards or change.
  • Wallet has card slots, pen loops, center zippered pouch and slot pocket.
  • Convenient side pocket for cell phone.
  • Two open pockets inside, divided by a zippered pouch, for organizing other essentials.

  • Bathroom Butler $39.95

  • We want to keep essentials within easy reach in the bathroom, too.
  • Chrome-plated stand holds extra rolls of toilet paper and magazines, right where you need them.
  • If it's not in use, hide it away. Often, living space needs to do double-duty: home offices are also guest rooms; working kitchens need to transition into family gathering spots. The key here is to have the tools we need, when we need them, and be able to easily move them out of the way, when we don't.

    3-Drawer Translucent Chest $79.95

  • Great for a crafting corner or home office.
  • Translucent drawers give you a subtle peek at what's inside.
  • When you need the space for something else, just roll on canisters into another room or closet.

  • Kitchen Cart $99.95

  • Perfect solution for tailoring kitchen workspace to the task at hand.
  • Designed to simplify prep work.
  • Rolling island has built-in knife holder, pullout cutting board and towel holder.
  • Two slotted shelves provide easy-to-reach storage for appliances or other kitchen essentials.
  • When work is complete, roll out of the way.
  • Portable Storage Ottoman $199.95

  • Provides extra seating or a place to prop your feet.
  • Bonus: inside, hidden storage for up to 300 CDs or 134 DVDs.
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