Attorney: New evidence may clear Peterson

January 17, 2008 8:22:46 AM PST
Investigators looking for Stacy Peterson obtained a warrant earlier this month while they looked for information about who sent text messages to her cell phone. A lawyer for Drew Peterson says a message sent to Stacy Peterson's cell phone in September shows she was having an affair. Joel Brodsky says that supports the theory that the missing woman left her husband for another man.

The anonymous author referred to Stacy in a two-sentence message as "my love" and thanked her for their wild physical activity.

A private investigator tracked the text message to Sprint Nextel's Web site.

Brodsky says Drew Peterson turned the phone over to police last month.

Stacy Peterson vanished in late October and police say her disappearance is possible homicide.

Drew Peterson has been called a suspect in the case, but hasn't been charged.