Baby's father person of interest in deadly carjacking

January 30, 2008 7:44:56 PM PST
In Gary, Indiana, police continue to question a person of interest in a fatal shooting that left a baby dead and his mother wounded.That person of interest is the baby's father. While the facts of this case may point to a domestic situation, police at this point are still classifying this as a carjacking.

The mayor and the community want this crime solved soon. Despite the horrible weather Tuesday night, a small group of Gary residents came out to rally and passed out anti-violence fliers. They're outraged over the shooting death of a 13-month-old boy. Police are holding his father in custody as a person of interest.

"Yesterday we received information about a person of interest that lived in a nearby city. We were able to locate that person, go to his home, arrest him on an outstanding warrant. He's been held on the warrant for failure to appear in an unrelated matter," said Samuel Roberts, Gary Police Commander.

Police say at this point they are not ready to call the baby's father a suspect.

It was about 7:30 on Monday night when the mother, Kwana Shaw, 29, called police to say she had just been carjacked. Parked outside of the Lancaster Homes Complex, she says she was in the process of putting the baby, Josiah, in his car seat when she was shot. The offender took off with Josiah in Shaw's red Ford Explorer.

"We're not calling it a domestic incident as of yet. We still have it classified as a carjacking. However, we're not ruling anything out," said Roberts.

A short time later the Ford Explorer was found a few blocks away. The offender had fled. Police discovered Josiah shot in his car seat multiple times.

Early reports had said the baby's father may have met Shaw at a friend's house shortly before the shooting, but now police are saying that's not the case.

"I have no information indicating that they met up or were going to meet," said Roberts.

The baby's mother remains in critical condition at a hospital in Gary. She was shot once, and her lung was destroyed. Police say she is one the of key factors in solving this crime. They say they have not been able to talk to her yet because of her critical condition.

Kiwana Shaw is from Schererville.

Listen to the 911 call Shaw's friend made after the shooting.

Listen to a 911 call from a neighbor