Voters to head to polls for Wisconsin primaries

February 18, 2008 9:23:04 PM PST
Tuesday marks the next important stop on the road to the White House as primaries will be held in Wisconsin and Washington state, along with caucuses in Hawaii.For the Democrats, it will be another day of head-to-head battles between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Dan Hatch is an undecided Wisconsin voter set to cast a ballot Tuesday.

"We need a Democrat, and we need an overall change. And Barack or Hillary, one of them has to be the next president," he said.

Hatch is torn between the two front runners who have flooded Wisconsin's airwaves with aggressive campaign ads.

Clinton's campaign director said Monday that the fact Barack Obama said in a speech recently, "Don't' tell me words don't matter. 'I have a dream.' Just words? 'We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal.' Just words?, shows that his candidacy, which is in part based on his rhetorical skills, is suspect because those words were first uttered by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick in his successful election campaign two years ago.

"I've written two books and most of my speeches. So, I think putting aside the question that you just raised in terms of whether my words are my own, I think it would be carrying a bit far," Obama said.

Senator Clinton addressed the economy issue at rally Monday in DePere, Wisconsin, near Green Bay.

"When you think about what we really need in Wisconsin and America, it's an economy with good jobs and rising wages for everybody willing to work hard," Clinton said.

Earlier Monday, Senator Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, was at Beloit College where a large crowd gathered to hear her.

A number of the latest polls in Wisconsin show the two Democratic candidates in a relatively close race, but two of them show a slight trend towards Obama from the previous polls.

It was very cold in Wisconsin Monday, and the temperature is expected to be a very cool 10 degrees Tuesday, although no snow is in the forecast. Weather may or may not affect Wisconsin voter turnout.