Protesters demonstrate against Kosovo

March 1, 2008 4:10:36 PM PST
Angry Serbian-Americans demonstrated at Daley Plaza Saturday against the new nation of Kosovo.Shouting "Kosovo is Serbia" repeatedly, the protesters claimed that the former breakaway province should still be part of Serbia.

They also condemned the nations that recognized Kosovo's February 17 declaration of independence, including the United States.

"How would we like to have Texas split off from the U.S., and have their own independence?" said Serbian-American Jadranka Kljaic

"Serbia has had Kosovo for over a thousand years. It's our land. It's not for the United States or the European Union or anyone else to give it away," said Mike Culafic.

"Kosovo is our Jerusalem. Kosovo is the birthplace of our identity. It's the birthplace of our culture," Anna Pavichevich said.

The protesters insist that international and moral law require a united Serbia that includes Kosovo.