Uno the Beagle Day declared in Illinois

March 5, 2008 3:15:56 PM PST
Illinois has finally gone to the dogs- just a day late.After a day's delay, Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn plans to honor the state's favorite pooch by declaring March 5, 2008 Uno the Beagle Day in Illinois.

The regal beagle, bred in Belleville, Ill., has been barking his way through the state after taking the nation by storm at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

On February 13, 2008, Uno became the first beagle ever to win Best in Show at the nation's largest canine competition.

Uno became a fan favorite by braying during the competition and responding to the audience, who chanted his name in the finals and exploded into applause when the hound dog won.

"His triumph over 2,500 competitors of every breed and variety has brought pride and joy to the hearts of dog lovers throughout the Land of Lincoln," said Lt. Gov. Quinn.

Uno, who was born on May 5, 2005, at K-run Beagles in Belleville, has been on a media tour since his win. In his 13-month career as a show dog, Uno has won 32 Best in Show titles and was named 2007 Beagle of the Year and Hound of the Year.

"Historians tell us that Abraham Lincoln walked through Springfield with his faithful dog Fido at his heels," Quinn said. "By declaring Uno the Beagle Day throughout the state of Illinois, we honor this exceptional dog who is serving as a goodwill ambassador for his hometown and home state. But just as important, Uno Day in Illinois gives us all a special opportunity to remember the millions of dogs who provide us with constant companionship and unconditional love."

Lt. Gov. Quinn had planned to declare March 4, 2008, Uno Day in Illinois, but weather delayed Uno and his breeder in St. Louis.