Student fatally shot near West Side school

March 7, 2008 8:56:29 PM PST
A shooting near a high school on Chicago's West Side left one student dead Friday afternoon. Police say a 15-year old was also beaten with a golf club. The victim is in critical condition and underwent surgery Friday night.

It happened in the 2200-block of West Jackson near Crane High School.

"Today at approximately 3 o'clock, at dismissal time, officers in the vicinity responded to shots fired in the area of Crane High School. In the investigation an individual was found, a juvenile, who was shot and has since succumbed to his wounds. As a result of that, we also had another individual that was beaten with a golf club. He also is a student of Crane High School ," said James Jackson, first deputy superintendent.

Paramedics took two people from Crane High School to Stroger Hospital. The deceased young man has been identified by his family as 18-year-old Ruben Ivy, a sophomore at Crane High School.

Several students told ABC7 that tension has been brewing all year long between three or four gangs inside the school. Police confirmed the situation was gang related.

Ivy's family says he may have known gang members, but the gang members were the problem.

"The gang bangers at his school was bothering him. He was tired of fighting. He got to defend himself. So he was fighting the whole time he was going to Crane," said sister Deven Green.

Ivy's mother said that police told her that the gunman called her son by name just seconds before pulling the trigger and firing the fatal shot.

"They said there was a fight at school, and they said, you know, he was just on his way to come home and one boy just walked up to him and just shot him in the chest," said Emily Green, victim's mother.

Police are saying they have no one in custody, although a number of students tell ABC7 they know -- by name -- who pulled the trigger. Police also say they know who they are looking for - another teen.

"We have a person of interest, and we're comfortable that, pretty soon, there is going to be a conclusion to this," said Jackson.

Emily Green, a former Crane student herself, said she dropped out after she was shot in the foot. She also says this is the second child that she's lost. Her first son died in a car accident in 2002.

Students say the scene was total chaos, up and down the block. One said a crowd of people, as many as 50, were fighting, includingthe use of weapons.

"I just come out of the building. All I see, a crowd of people run up, bats and all. I was like, man, I need to get out of this jam," said student Quinton Rodgers.

Police say there was a dispute at the school Friday morning apparently over a baseball cap. They're trying to see if that's related to the shooting and beating.

Police are now checking out the security cameras that are in place up and down the block... And community leaders are calling for the violence to end.

Emily Green, meanwhile, is surrounded by family, mourning her son's loss.

"I have a lot of nieces and nephews and friends. We're going to miss him very dearly. I'm trying to be strong for the rest of my kids," she said.

Ivy's family says he had gone to police for help. Police say they will investigate that allegation. They also emphasize that officers are assigned to the school to protect the students and would never dismiss a student's request for protection.

Now, with Ivy's death, it's clear that students feel uneasy.

"I stay to myself. You know what I mean. As far as being comfortable, no, not really," said student Joey Smith.