2008 International Home & Housewares Show

From high-end international design to trend-setting basics, products range from kitchen electrics and small appliances to gourmet specialty foods and cookware, from bakeware and kitchen tools to home decor, space organizers and storage systems, home healthcare and home-office to pet supplies and lawn and garden decor. 2,000 exhibitors - 400 new - with 40% of exhibitors coming from outside the U.S. Several international companies will exhibit in organized pavilions from Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. More than 60,000 buyers and sellers from over 100 countries. More than 30% percent of an expected 23,000 buyers come from outside the U.S. 75 percent of all U.S. buyers are specialty, independent retailers. The show is NOT open to the public.

WonderTablitz Corp.
Wonder Tablitz Cleaning Products

A unique green-friendly concept that saves you 50% off the leading brand of cleaning products. Wonder Tablitz are effervescing cleaning tablets packaged in a unique patent-pending bottle with "built-in" refills. You buy the bottle and a package of tablets to start. After that you just buy more tablets, pop one in the side opening, fill the bottle with water and you're set. Non-toxic and biodegradable. Available in four different cleaning solutions.

Creative Culinary Marketing Solutions, LLC
Culinary Prep

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Protect your family from food born illnesses while enhancing the flavor of your meat, fish, seafood, poultry and produce! CulinaryPrep is an easy kitchen appliance that treats your food mechanically and chemically with a vacuum environment and a specially-formulated, all natural solution. It removes 99.5% of bacteria (that causes e-coli, listeria, etc). In addition, marinades can be used to enhance the flavor of meat, poultry or seafood.

Hamilton Beach Dual Wave Blender
One powerful blender that plays dual roles! On one hand, you've got a super-size blender (80 oz-double the size of typical blending jars) perfect for parties - think margaritas. It's got dual blades and maximum power that mean less time blending and more time mingling with guests. When the party's over, you can make two totally different drinks using two individual-size serving jars on the same blender base. Maybe a strawberry smoothie for you and a chocolate one for your little one? Or different flavors for different kids…it's simple with this versatile machine.

Starfrit Rotato Express
Peel apples, potatos and more - hands-free! All you do is place a whole piece of produce on the stand, hook the peeler at the top and press a button on this handy, innovative gadget. It rotates the produce, peeling the item completely. You're left with a clean item and one long curly cue of peel - a great demo.

Dirt Devil KRUZ
Is it a floor lamp or a piece of modern sculpture? Neither! It's a lightweight electric broom perfect for sweeping up life's little messes. Store this sleek cordless vac right near you need it - it's got a rechargeable battery in its base, so it's always ready when you need it. This is the latest entry in Karim Rashid's Dirt Devil Designer Series. Operate with the push of a button.

Chef'n Veggie Prep
Tired of chopping, chopping and more chopping? The Veggie Prep eliminates the need for this time-consuming chore, offering an easy alternative that even the kids can help with! Throw just about any veggie in the bowl, put the lid on, and pull a string a couple times to activate the rotating blades…you've got chopped veggies! When you remove the lid and blade apparatus you've got an easy serving dish. Perfect for making salsa or guacamole.

iTouchless -- Bag Resealer
Unlike other complicated vacuum sealers on the market, this is a handheld device (the size of a flip phone) that seals the bags that you have. Perfect for half-eaten bags of chips, crackers, and candy. It's battery operated. Just remove the safety-shield, insert the bag, press for 3 seconds and seal across the top of the bag. You can seal and re-seal without wasting storage bags. Great at home and also when you're out and about.

Iola Global Designs
Drink Daddy

Great for backyard parties, picnicking, outdoor concerts, camping and more, the Drink Daddy is a portable, foldable height-adjustable tabletop and beverage station. It operates similar to umbrella to reveal a taut tabletop with room for five wine bottles, cups, cans and bottles, as well as five wine glasses simultaneously. Weighing just under 6 lbs., it compresses to fit into its own comfortable backpack.

4 pieces - $16
It's a fork that acts like a knife! Cut through raw veggies, meat and more with this innovative new tool. It looks like a regular stainless steel fork but a rounded edge (not even a blade!) allows you to cut through hard-to-bite items. Perfect for entertaining - think of parties where you're standing there trying through something with the edge of your regular fork while balancing your plate! Cute, quick demo.

Furitechnics USA Inc.
Füri Rachael Ray Young Cooks Cutting Sets

Trying to get your kids involved with cooking? These fun cutting tools and accessories are designed specifically for smaller hands. Includes the Furi RR Tadpole with Blade Guard (with specially designed handle and rounded top), a paring knife with rounded tip, child's size shears, cutting boards and matching cut-resistant gloves - made from polyester woven with stainless steel - for additional safety.

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