Gun violence protest held after 20th CPS death

CHICAGO Protestors demanded what they call common sense gun laws in Illinois to help stop the violence.

Fr. Michael Pfleger led a rally at the State of Illinois building Wednesday.

While gun supporters say other weapons can kill too, Fr. Pfleger says the violent deaths of 20 Chicago Public Schools students this school year is outrageous.

"That's the size of a classroom, a classroom of young people wiped out this school year by violence; 18 by gun violence, two by stabbings," said Pfleger of St. Sabina Church.

"I think the violence needs to be addressed not band-aided by choosing one weapon and saying that's the problem," said Colleen Lawson, Gun Owners Against Violence.

Lawson says she was in the U.S. Supreme Court chambers Tuesday as arguments were made over the ban on guns in the District of Columbia. The court's ruling later in the year could have a big impact on Chicago's gun law.

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