Shot pregnant woman home after shooting

CHICAGO A man was also hit by a car as he tried to avoid the bullets.

It unfolded in the 200 block of East 95th Street.

Injured were 19-year-old LaShika Tolbert and a man, who is about the same age. No one knows if they were the intended targets.

Several young men driving down 95th St. slowed down and fired the shots around 1 p.m. One witness reported hearing about five shots fired.

The woman is reportedly four-and-a-half months pregnant and was struck in the leg. She will spend the night in the hospital but is expected to be OK. The man suffered more serious injuries as he fled through busy traffic across 95th.

"It appears that he was being shot at, and I'm not sure if he was actually hit with the bullet, but he was dodging bullets, trying to dodge cars and a car actually hit him," said witness Mario Montgomery.

A witness said the man was thrown into air when hit by a car and landed on his head. The man's cousin also says the vehicle carrying the shooter or shooters ran the victim over after being struck by the other car. He is in critical condition at Trinity Hospital.

Several people were taken for questioning, but they are likely just witnesses. Police have no suspects in custody.
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