Prom Flowers Tips And Trends

Color Cues:

The color of the girl's dress is one of the main ingredients when selecting personal flowers for both her and him. Since most of the time we (the floral designers) get this information third or fourth hand, it is imperative that you use very descriptive color terms: there are a thousand shades of pink and a rainbow of intensities within each shade. We don't want to over complicate the matter, but the closer we get to knowing the actual color, the better able we are to guide you in what would flatter it best. When designing for dresses whose colors don't match natural flowers, select colors that will compliment the color of the dress or intensities that are the same as the value of the dress; i.e. a watery shade of turquoise would look great with mixed garden flowers in shades of warm yellow, medium pinks, lavenders and soft blues.

Style Cues: Although color is the main determining factor for flowers, dress style is just slightly less important. A Cinderella-style ball gown requires different treatment than a bias-cut slip dress even if the color is exactly the same for both. Keep the flowers more traditional for a more youthful dress and more unusual for a contemporary dress. As for the boys, the color and print of their vest & tie should be the guides.

The Recipient:

When the dress color and style don't offer enough guidance, consider the person wearing the dress. We often use school clubs and athletic associations as well as favorite stores to help us get to know the person better. Her personal flowers should compliment both her personality and her outfit.

Some Things to remember!

Size does matter! Simple elegance is best achieved with a bouquet that is petite. There is plenty of time for carrying a bridal bouquet later in life. The same goes for boutonnières, young men do not want to wear anything too large or fussy.

NO Accents like satin ribbons, glittered and spray painted flowers and lace bouquet collars. They may have been in style when your parents went to prom, but they aren't anymore.

This doesn't have to be Mom's job! The selection of your date's flowers is a personal choice, which is best made by the person who knows your date the best. We are there to help you make the best choice and get the biggest impact for your budget.

Budget, budget, budget! Flower cost can vary as much as dress cost. Be upfront with your florist but don't be unrealistic. The designer should have some pricing guidelines posted within the store. Keep in mind that more unusual flowers or a design that requires a lot of labor to accomplish will be more expensive.

Nosegay or corsage? Although corsages are usually reserved for less formal dances like homecoming or Junior prom, you should select the flowers that will suit your date best.

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