Family left homeless after explosion, fire

CHICAGO Investigators are searching for the cause of an explosion at a home in the 2800-block of West 25th Street. The blast ignited a fire that spread to the floors below and damaged a three-story apartment building next door.

Firefighters arrived on the scene around 3 a.m. They found the roof engulfed in flames.

The home's owner says he woke up to his bedroom walls collapsing around him.

"I felt like an airplane but I'm not sure and I wake up and see and open the window. And I saw the brick on the top, on the attic," said David Carmona, owns home.

"It's hard. He had just remodeled and especially the roof, he did it over the summer," said Blanca Carmona, relative of home's owner.

A pregnant woman, who lived in an attic apartment, was feared missing.

"There was a report that she might have been in there and a report that she was in a couple different locations in the area," said Deputy District Chief Patrick Brennan, Chicago Fire Department.

The woman was eventually found.

Investigators are trying to determine whether a gas leak or something else sparked the fire.

Carmona and his family will be staying with relatives.

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