Postal worker rescues family from SUV in river

Lori Williams was taking her two children, her granddaughter and a neighbor to the babysitter Wednesday when she, apparently, hit some black ice and her vehicle slid into the Little Calumet River.

While Williams prayed and called for help, she looked up and saw Postman Jason Brink.

"And, oh my God, it was like light. I saw a postal uniform, and I just knew I had someone there to save me. He was a godsend," Williams said.

"After I put the first kid up on the bank, I kind of slipped one foot went inside the river. And so, I positioned myself one foot on the tree limb and one foot on the truck, and that's where she gave me the rest of the kids," said Brink.

Williams 2-year-old son suffered a bump to his head, but otherwise everyone was okay.

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