A Website entreprenuer you should know

September 28, 2004

Disabledonline.com was conceived by Jay Cohen, who operates it by vocal commands.

"I have been a user for a number of years and through my experiences I could never find a place that could encompass all the subject matter and a place where people with physical disabilities could interact with one another," said Jay Cohen, Website creator.

At 9 months he was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy. Doctors did not expect him to live more than two years. He is now 28.

"I don't know how he was able to achieve all this except maybe I do know...because he has a drive and sheer determination ...he's always reared himself to the beat of a different drummer and I feel if anyone can do it...Jay certainly can," said Marcie Chesin, Jay's mom.

When Jay graduated from Glenbard North High School in 1994 he was so highly thought of by the students that they honored him with the JFK courage award.

"I was there I was crying...the entire auditorium of about 550 students all stood up...it was a thrilling moment," said Marcie.

After completion of a college course he received a certificate in internet communications… just the beginning of his plans.

"I am only 28 so I hope there is a lot more life to still be learned," said Jay Cohen. "I guess to be grateful to appreciate what you have because no matter how bad you may think you have it there is always someone that has it worst where they could use more help than you can.

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