Southern Ill. building destroyed by quake

MOUNT CARMEL, Ill. The apartment building, which used to be a former school and was built in 1904, is now condemned. The Red Cross is helping residents find a place to stay.

Local police say the response has been good so far but residents say they were rattled by what's happened.

"The building was just shaking, swaying. What woke us up was glass breaking and the TV hitting the floor in the bedroom," said Mamie Feldman, Mount Carmel, Illinois.

"We do fear people trying to clear debris away may get into electric lines so they need to make sure if there are any downed trees they watch for power lines," said Sheriff Joe Keeling, Wabash County, Illinois.

A police dispatcher in Mount Carmel says one woman was briefly trapped in her home after her porch collapsed.

Mount Carmel is about 15 miles southeast of the epicenter.

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