The perfect manicure and pedicure


When getting your nails ready for those beautiful polish colors let start with a pretty shape. Shorter to average length is usually best but if you prefer a bit more length keep the shape soft.

  • Ovals and soft squares are always a beautiful remembering to follow your natural cuticle line. Your cuticle line will help you decide which shape is best for you.
  • On toes, the edge of your nail should be straight with softened corners.

    Spring is a great time to revive your skin and bring it back to its healthy glow


  • You want to take care of your nails and cuticles with natural light cuticle oils and nail creams to keep them conditioned as well as helping to prevent hang nails. It is all about moisturizing to have a strong and healthy nail.
  • Moisturizing and conditioning your nails is just as important as your skin and hair.
  • Using a salt or sugar scrub on your hands and feet to exfoliate helps to remove the dry skin and prepare them for moisturizing. This home maintenance should be done as least once a week.
  • Daily maintenance is simple. Don't leave out the nails when applying your nightly hand cream. Add a dose of nail moisturizer or cuticle oil and massage into the cuticle
  • COLOR-

    Spring and Summer Nails Are is all about color!!! Color trends correlate with fashion

  • After moisturizing, you will now be ready to apply polish, remembering first to cleanse the nail plate. Start by applying your base coat. This will help you polish last longer. Apply 2 coats of your desired polish color and finally your top coat for lasting shine.
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