Garden Faire at Chalet

Hot gardening trend this spring:

Succulents are plants that help you conserve water. Easy to maintain; perfect for a wide range of conditions. They can go outside for the summer and back in the house for year-round use.

Jennifer's favorite products to honor Earth Day and its founding principles:

Eco pots - Made from rice husks, life expectancy of five years. Bio-degradable in landfills. Great colors, contemporary styling, come with saucers so they're perfect for indoors or out.

Coir containers - Made from biodegradable coconut fibers, life expectancy of three to five years based on whether they're inside or out. Maintain their form even after watering; provide great drainage and air flow to the roots.

Organic based fertilizers - Espoma Bio-Tone Plus with beneficial bacteria and mycorhizae fungi to add life back to stressed soils.

Harpin proteins in Messenger, plant derived organic product that build plant resistance to diseases and insects. Sprayed on the leaves throughout the growing season.

Deer and Rabbit Solution - cinnamon based repellent to protect all plants from the wildlife that we attract to our gardens, because they are so healthy and organic.

Chalet Nursery
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Wilmette, IL

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