Company makes almost large-as-life replicas

GRIFFITH, Ind. Craftsmen at the Beryl Martin company are sculpting a replica of the Statue of Liberty. It won't stand on Ellis Island, but it looks like it could. The piece will be used at a convention this summer in St. Louis.

"She's 130 feet and weighs about 50,000 pounds," said Frank Brummett, manager, Beryl Martin. "She's made of foam... Carve her out, spray her with plastic and she's good to go."

The medium is something like Styrofoam. It's strong and easy to carve.

The real Statue of Liberty was a gift from France. The replica is a gift from a company called Your Travel Biz of Woodriver, Ill. YTB is an Internet travel agency business. The sculpture will take center state in St. Louis at their convention in August.

"When the curtains come apart, and here's Lady Liberty just about the same size as the real Lady Liberty. Just 13 feet shorter," said Scott Tomer, CEO, YTB.

"With Lady Liberty behind us at the whole convention, it's just going to be making such a statement," said Lloyd "Coach" Tomer, chairman of YTB.

The Lady Liberty look-alike has a nose that's four feet long.

"Extremely accurate. All the way down to the fingernails, the eyes, the hair" said Brummett.

The statue will be painted three times to match the real Statue of Liberty. In July, she will be loaded into 48 semis and head to St. Louis, where she will stand tall.

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