Lawmaker calls for impeachment of Blagojevich

CHICAGO Republican Senator Larry Bomke of Springfield is angry over the loss of jobs in his district. He says nearly 150 Department of Transportation jobs could be leaving Springfield.

The state plans to move those jobs to southern Illinois.

Governor Blagojevich says the state can save money by moving the jobs south because taxpayers won't have to pay rent on a building where the Division of Traffic Safety is located.

Also -- the governor says that jobs are needed in southern Illinois but Bomke argues his district needs jobs, too.

"I'm calling for the impeachment vote because the recall vote died, the only way we'll be able to rid the state of Illinois of this is to impeach him," said Sen. Larry Bomke, (R) Springfield.

Bomke says although a move for a recall amendment in Illinois has died, impeachment is still a possibility.

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