Dollars and Sense: Feed 4 for $10

Shopping Tips: Stock a healthy kitchen on a budget
  • Watch for sales (10 for $10, or buy one get one free, use preferred card for added savings)
  • Shop the entire section top to bottom. (Sales can happen on any shelf, and prices/nutrition content will vary within the same category)
  • Purchase house brands
  • Read labels and choose the brand with the most nutrients for the dollars spent
  • Shop with meals in mind
  • Use ingredients wisely -- If fresh produce is purchased, find two different recipes using some of the same ingredients
  • Use your freezer wisely and shop bulk where it makes sense, but be careful and pay attention to the labels
  • Shop all food groups: Dried, canned, frozen, fresh, 100% juice all do count for fruits and veggies
Three Nutritious Meals That Feed A Family Of Four

Under $10 (meal for 4)

Under $20 (meal for 4)

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