Alert O'Hare screener helps locate missing girl

May 18, 2008 (CHICAGO)

Janasia Grant and her mother passed through security last Friday at O'Hare airport.

TSA worker Shemeka Greaves checked their boarding passes before they got on a plane to Atlanta.

Greaves took note of the girl's name because she thought it was pretty. Two days later she saw that Chicago police were looking for Janasia and her mother.

"I saw the little girl's picture and I was thinking that looks familiar. And then I read the name and I remembered it was the little girl because of the name. So I went up to my manager and I let him know. They went through the process and got me looking at videos and I identified them on there," said TSA employee Shemeka Greaves.

Police found the girl in Atlanta. They haven't located her mother.

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