Police standoff ends in Waukegan

WAUKEGAN, Ill. The armed man was barricaded inside a home in the 1100-block of 11th Street, according to police, who evacuated all residents within a mile of the standoff. The suspect was alone in the home. There were unconfirmed reports the suspect fired one shot at police, who tried to negotiate with him. But the standoff ended when the man took his own life, according to authorities. No one else was hurt.

The suspect was wanted in connection to a home invasion that occurred Monday night in the 2300-block of Corona Road. In that case, the homeowners were tied up and robbed by three men, police said, who got away with valuable antique firearms.

"It sounds like part of it, items from World War II. Rifles, Chinese rifles and things of that sort. Bayonets, Magnum 45'S-- Things like that," said Waukegan Deputy Sheriff Dan Greathouse.

One of the homeowners identified the suspect, a recent prison parolee, in a photo lineup. That led officials to the home on 11th Street. The surrounded the home shortly after 3 a.m. Tuesday when the man refused to answer the door.

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