Child shot talks about Joliet shooting

He and his mother are talking about their brush with gang violence.

The boy's two uncles were also injured by the gunfire.

DaVarius Gadson is recovering from a gunshot wound to his chest.

Da'Varius is a survivor who remembers the moment he was shot.

"I was minding my own business and stuff. And all of a sudden I saw people shooting and stuff," he said.

Da'Varius is moving around a week after a bullet pierced his chest. It's still lodged near his rib cage. He was playing in front of his Joliet apartment when gunfire rang out.

"I ran in the house, so I can hide in the house," Da'Varius said. "I saw the blood where they shot me. Then my mom came and ran in the house to go check on me to see if I'm OK."

"He got to have an angel protecting him because he made it through the whole thing. Even after he was shot, I was like - breathe, Da'Varius. And he was like, OK," said mom Syreeta Campbell.

Campbell shouted for Da'Varius to come inside after a group of young men approached his uncles outside the apartment. The uncles - Antwione and Anthony Page - were both shot.

"I'm feeling pretty good 'cause I'm alive," said Antwione Page.

"I think they were after my brother," said Anthony Page.

Police say they're following every lead and have a few persons of interest in mind. The little boy just wants the gunman caught.

"He should pay for shooting a little kid," said Da'Varius.

His mother is just grateful this is a story of survival.

"Anybody who knows Da'Varius knows he's a tough character," said Campbell. "He's strong, very strong."
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