Chicago marks 'Share the Road Day'

CHICAGO An Illinois state law went into effect on January 1 requiring drivers to pass cyclists with at least three-feet to spare. A new campaign called "Please Don't Squeeze," is trying to bring the law back into the spotlight.

Bicycle deaths have decreased in Illinois. However, two bicyclists were killed in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood this year.

The campaign also reminds cyclists to obey the law and ride safely.

Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley introduced an ordinance in February that increases penalties for motorists who endanger bicyclists.

The proposed ordinance includes fines on motorists who turn left or right in front of someone on a bicycle; pass with less than 3 feet of space between car and bike; and open a vehicle door into the path of a cyclist.

The council's Traffic Committee approved the legislation and moved it on to the full council for consideration. However, the action came after some aldermen complained there should be equal treatment for rude bike riders, including the city's bicycle messengers.

The proposed ordinance came about after Mayor Richard Daley, an avid rider, had his own unhappy encounters with motorists.

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