Pen Spinning

Pen spinning has been attracting tens of thousands of people in both Europe and Asia. The new craze is a big hit in Japan where more than 275 people entered the national pen spinning competition in Tokyo last March 30.

Now it's making its way to the United States thanks to a U.S. toy company, JAKKS Pacific which makes SpinZ pens.

If you search for "Pen Spinning" on Google or YouTube on the internet, you'll find over 10,000 video clips some of which have been viewed over a million times. There are over a million Pen Spinners worldwide and its popularity keeps growing.

Fun facts about Pen Spinning

  • Pen Spinning is the sport of manipulating customized pens through the fingers to create different tricks and trick combinations.
  • There are over 1,000,000 Pen Spinners worldwide and more than 11,000 videos featured on YouTube.
  • It's HUGELY popular in Europe and Asia with hundreds of thousands of pen spinners and exciting tournaments attracting the world's best spinners.
  • JAKKS is bringing pen spinning to America with SpinZ, a customizable line of pens made for pen spinning AND they still write because it's really a pen.
  • Pen Spinners modify pens with weights, grips, cool graphics and other pen parts so they can create their own perfectly balanced pen to fit their personal style.
  • SpinZ is also the official sponsor for the Pen Spinning World Cup 2008 featuring the most talented spinners from around the world. They compete against each for the World Cup title.
  • On you can learn how to spin and check out other people's cool customized pens
  • Drummers have always spun drumsticks through their fingers…with SpinZ they spin a pen through
  • Pen spinning is becoming so mainstream that companies such as Mercury and Kentucky Fried Chicken have incorporated pen spinning into their national commercials.
  • And in November 2008 JAKKS Pacific will sponsor the first online Pen Spinning tournament here in the United States
  • You can find SpinZ at retailers throughout Chicago including Wal-Mart, CVS, Target, Walgreens and Kmart.
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