Lake, McHenry counties see flooding

ANTIOCH In McHenry County, the lower Fox River is closed due to hazardous navigation conditions between Algonquin and the Stratton Lock and Dam in McHenry. Right now, officials say no communities have asked for sandbags but some very low-lying areas near the dam have begun to flood. Some homes do have water in their basements.

And in neighboring Lake County, there is also flooding in Antioch Township.

In Antioch, a trailer park on the shore of the Fox River has been taking on water since Monday. And across the river, there are reportedly four homes currently flooded out since Monday night.

Residents have been through this so many times before. This is the third time in the past nine months that this part of Antioch Township has flooded. Residents say this appears to be nearly as bad as it was in August of last year, and at that point Governor Blagojevich flew over and declared it a state disaster area. That's not happened so far this time.

The Fox River Spring subdivision started flooding late Monday night. There are about 61 homes there. Water levels had been rising all day Tuesday, with more water coming from upstream in Wisconsin. They have been sand bagging like mad, trying to save as many homes as possible.

"Not happy about it. But you have to do it, if you're going to enjoy the life on the river," said John Schmidtke.

"Really tired of having to go through it again. That's, you get tired of every couple of months you're sand bagging again and helping the neighbors, and just hoping somebody was going to come by and say, 'Hey, we're going to help you.' There's not many of us this time because people get tired of coming in," said Merry Ladewig.

Flood stage for that part of the river in Antioch Township is ten feet. Currently, the river is at about 14 1/2 feet and still rising.

The head of the Fox Lake Emergency Services and they say there aren't any other communities down stream, such as Fox Lake, that he's concerned about right now. That's dependent upon not getting anymore rain. If they do get more rain, it could mean trouble for other communities. But so far, the forecasts were looking for dry conditions over the next couple of days, which would be very good news for communities down stream.

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