Woman, 71, found dead

CHICAGO The victim has been identified as 71-year-old Dorothy Taylor. Police were calling her death a homicide.

It happened in the 7200-block of South Coles in Chicago's South Shore neighborhood.

Taylor was described as a friendly, older lady who had lived in the neighborhood for many years. A lot of family members gathered outside the apartment, hoping for word about what happened.

She was well known in the neighborhood and could be seen in the neighborhood out walking her dog. According to some family members, whoever killed her also killed the dog.

Police were on the scene for several hours investigating the basement area of thie apartment building where the victim was killed. She lived on a second floor unit in the building. It's unknown why the body was found in that area. A neighbor arrived around noon Monday to the sound of an alarm going off in the building.

"When my husband told me what happened, I was totally discombobulated. I am like, 'Wait a minute.' She is an older lady. Why would anybody do that to her? I talked to her nephews, and they were like, they killed the dog. I am like, 'Wait, and the dog?' The dog ain't going to tell nothing. I don't understand. There has been shootings around here, but they don't mess with the older people in the neighborhood," said a female neighbor.

The motive was unknown.

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