Shelter prepares for influx of abandoned pets

HUNTLEY, Ill. Animal House Shelter in Huntley is one of the animal shelters from the Chicagoland area coming to the rescue. But, now Animal House, a no kill shelter, needs help adopting out the animals that are already there as they prepare to take on new arrivals from downstate.

"We take ton as many as we can from a lot of overloaded animal control facilities, places that don't have the means to adopt the animals and move them as quickly as they would like to. And unfortunately have euthanized large numbers of animals," said Cindy Ritter, Animal House Shelter.

Animal House is getting ready for dozens of animals left homeless from the floods in southern Illinois.

"We can house from 150 to 200 animals at a time. We're pretty much always at that capacity so it's important that we keep the animals moving," said Ritter.

Even though this is a critical time for adoption, the shelter wants to remind its customers that owning the pet is a huge responsibility that may end up being a 15-year commitment.

"We want to make sure that they're getting into homes where they're going to stay and be loved and well cared for the rest of their lives," said Ritter.

The Hartmans are taking their time looking for the right fit. After a web search and one-on-one time, serenity a lab-boxer mix is about to become their dog.

"We can't see purchasing a dog when so many dogs are being turned away by people that can't take care of them," said John Hartman, adopting a dog.

The Harringtons are also getting a new dog.

"He's really cute and I really liked him and doesn't bark a lot or growl," said Luke Herrington, adopting a dog.

The Animal House Shelter is also looking for foster homes for animals. To find out more about adoption or the no kill shelter, visit

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