Off-duty officer among latest shooting victims

CHICAGO The violence took place just hours after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Americans have the right to own a handgun. In response to the violence, people gathered Friday at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's headquarters on the city's South Side to express their concern over the court's decision.

The off-duty officer was shot in the hand and apparently had a leg wound. ABC7 is told he is home after being released from the hospital. Police are continuing to investigate that case as well as some of the others overnight.

With all the gun violence that's happening in Chicago, , some are wondering what the Supreme Court decision will mean locally.

At about 3:30 a.m. Friday morning, officers responded to a shooting at 82nd and Evans. The victim was one of their own. A seven-year veteran was the apparent target of robbery.

"It just scores the fact of how violent it is out there, and even police officers aren't immune from the violence," said Deputy Supt. Beatrice Cuello, Chicago Police Dept.

This and other shootings are still under investigation.

Chicago father helps son injured by gunfire

The Dixons thought they were safer, moving their family from the Englewood neighborhood to the Auburn Gresham neighborhood. But Thursday night their son was shot in the arm. Sixteen-year-old Ian Dixon had been fixing his brother's bike in the garage with his father. He took the bike for a test ride and without a word a gunman in a passing car fired.

"I thought it was a firecracker. And t hen I heard my son yell to me, 'Dad I'm shot, he shot me," said Robert Dixon, parent of victim.

"It's not so much that it's my son, you know, but it's everybody's son. You know? No matter how old they are, they're somebody's son, somebody's husband or uncle. This has to stop," said Denise Dixon, parent of victim.

The Dixons were part of a press conference Friday at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, where speakers were critical of the Supreme Court's ruling.

"This is an extremely reckless decision that puts many Americans in great danger. Police cannot defend themselves," said Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.

Ronald Holt was also present at the press conference. His son, Blair Holt, was shot and killed last year. Ronald Holt is also a police officer.

"We need as many common sense gun laws as possible, no matter how many we can get passed on the federal level, to help provide some legal and federal safety net that will trickle down to the streets," said Ronald Holt, parent of victim.

Among the laws that Holt is talking about is a piece of legislation introduced by Congressman Bobby Rush. It's called the Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2007. It has been introduced into Congress. Essentially, it would require those with guns to be trained on safety and proper handling and storage.

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