Summer Gardening

Sprout Home
745 N Damen Ave.
Chicago IL 60622
Tel: 312.226.5950

Tara of Sprout Home brought a few examples of each of the following:

-Physocarpus Ninebark shrubs
-Various Spirea such as Renaissance
-Viburnums such as Blue Muffin and Nannyberry
-Rhus Sumac such as Praire Flame and Tiger Eye

-Campsis Trumpetvine
-Boston and Engelmann Ivy
-Some Lonicera honeysuckle vine such as John Clayton



Most non Japanese maples such as Amer, Hot Wings Tatarian, Autumn Blaze
-Cornus Snow Mantle Gray Dogwood Tree
-Euonymus Burning Bush tree
-Ash trees
-Malus Crab trees such as Camelot, Coralburst, Firebird and Louisa
-Pyrus Ornamental Pear trees such as Chanticlear
-Syringa Ivory Silk Japanese tree lilac

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