Woman killed in hit-and-run crash

Police have two suspects in custody and have been questioning them for much of the day. But so far, they have yet to file charges.

Meanwhile, the families of the hit-and-run victim as well as the burglary victim are speaking out about the senseless crimes.

Tommye Freeman was proud of the flowers she had outside her home during the summer. The 78-year-old great grandmother tended to the flowers often and was on her way home from buying more yesterday when two suspects fleeing a robbery ran full speed into her car, killing her.

"My mom was one of the best mothers someone could ever have. She's like everyone's mother. Everyone felt like my mom would welcome you in and give you the coat off her back and such a loving person. For her life, to end so suddenly," said daughter Shevaz Freeman.

Freeman was killed just two blocks from her home. The suspects were leaving the home near 77th and Langley where they had broken in and stolen some televisions and jewelry.

Joycelyn Hunter said they ransacked the place after breaking in through a basement door. But that's the least of her concerns.

"It broke my heart that somebody's mother, somebody's sister, somebody's, you know, why? It's not worth it," said burglary victims Joycelyn Hunter.

Hunter said neighbors saw the men and called her husband who called police. Officers spotted the men as they were making their getaway. And they apparently sped away before crashing into Tommye Freeman's car.

On Friday morning, police returned the items that apparently cost Tommye Freeman her life.

Freeman was a good driver relatives said but she rarely drove because she was scared of being hit by other reckless drivers.

"I feel helpless that you can't be enough to stand up. You hit somebody and can't be man enough that she had a family and you couldn't stop to see if she was ok and run off? Like you're doing wrong and actually take somebody's life and run off and nothing - and like it's nothing?" said Shevaz Freeman.

After crashing into Freeman's car, the two men got out and ran from the scene. Witnesses have reportedly helped identify the two suspects who are in custody.

Tommye Freeman is survived by a large family including eight great grandchildren.

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