Family says vandalism followed refusal to join gang

HARVEY Police in Harvey are investigating the incident. The family has moved from their home.

Police arrested three teenagers in last week's incident, but Kyle and Travonda Horne say there were dozens of alleged gang members who surrounded their home and threw rocks, bricks and bottles.

The Hornes say the incident followed several other altercations involving their son and gangs. The Hornes say they fear for their lives and plan to leave Harvey.

They say they have been driven out of their home by gang violence. The Harvey couple and their children have been living out of a motel for a week ever since their house was severely damaged by what Kyle Horne called dozens of thugs.

"I get a call from my oldest daughter… and she has her four younger sisters with her. She said, 'They are coming in the house. They are breaking in the windows now,'" he said.

Every window was smashed. The Hornes' two cars were damaged as well.

"Threw a brick through the passenger window right where my wife was sitting. The brick barely missed her head by inches," said Kyle Horne.

Four years ago, the Hornes moved their children to Harvey for what they were hoping for was a better life in the suburbs. But they say they have had problems with gangs ever since. The Hornessay they believe their 15-year-old son is the target. They say he has been picked on because he refuses to join a gang.

"They say if you can't bee them, join them. My son refused. He would rather stand up to them," said Travanda Horne.

The Hornes say they are too afraid to return to their home. Harvey police say arrests were made in the last incident and say the vandalism was a result of problems between juveniles living on different streets.

"No way do we believe this is some time of gang retaliation towards this family. But it is an ongoing juvenile problem," said Sandra Alverado, Harvey police spokesperson.

The Hornes have a different take.

"It is basically urban terrorism. We are prisoners in our home," said Kyle Horne.

Kyle Horne says there is thousands of dollars worth of damage to his home. He is hoping insurance will help cover the costs.

Horne and his wife understand police do not have the resources to combat the gang problem, but Horne said he believes police can do more.

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