Thousands of guns turned in across city

At 25 locations around Chicago, people brought in guns -- no questions asked -- in exchange for a 100-dollar pre-paid credit card.

5,000 weapons were turned in Saturday. More than 120 of those were assault weapons.

Each of the guns will now be analyzed to determine if they have been used in crimes.

Officials say just one gun off the street makes the city safer. But one mother of a victim of violence says kids can take it a step further.

"Start snitching, start telling before it's too late and your mother is standing up here like I am full of pain with no hopes and dreams. It could be your mother up here burying you the next day," said Annette Holt, mother of gun violence victim.

The program was so successful that there were not enough pre-paid credit cards to go around. Those who didn't get one got a rain check.

For a complete list of locations where you can turn in guns, click here.

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