Child to remain in protective custody

The judge made the decision on Thursday afternoon during a court hearing. The boy's foster parents were present.

Kevin Johnson, 12, was taken to the hospital two weeks ago unconscious. He died two days later. Hospital staff reported signs of abuse to police, but no one has been charged in the case.

Johnson's teenaged brother and seven other children were removed from the home by the Department of Children and Family Services after his death. It is not clear how long the children will remain in protective custody; the next hearing is set for October 28.

DCFS had prior contact with Johnson's foster family in April, leading a relative to question the organization's decision to place Johnson and his siblings with the foster family.

"How could they allow a situation to go on like that without checking the people's background? They didn't even have no right to them kids. They moved in and took over like they were somebody. After my wife's parents died how could you allow that to happen? We are supposed to have faith in you," said Rico Neal, victim's brother-in-law.

Johnson's older brother questions why nothing was done following the DCFS report.

"If they had some guy come in that have no idea who they are, into the household, and come in and abuse them and hit my little brother, I hold them responsible," said Terrance Williams, Kevin's brother.

Because of the police investigation, results of Johnson's autopsy have not been released.

Johnson's funeral will be Friday.

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