Saving Money with a Smile: Comic Mom Anita Renfroe

You've probably seen or heard Anita on Good Morning America. Millions of moms discovered her last year when she hit YouTube with her "Momsense" video a funny, spot-on list of all the things a mom would say in a 24 hour period set to the tune of the William Tell Overture. She now has a new song to share with moms -- to inspire them to take a stand, unite together and keep a smile on their face while dealing with these tougher economic times.

The new jingle "Total Momsense 2" addresses the truths, struggles and humor of being a mom in today's economy; the song is very timely given that 65 percent of moms say that they are finding alternative ways to shop, eat and play.

Anita is also the author of three books If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother, The Purse-driven Life: It Really Is All About Me, and If You Can't Lose It, Decorate It: And Other Hip Alternatives to Dealing With Reality. She offers fresh, irreverent takes on all things female.

While many consumers have been fighting inflation and a slower economy by cutting spending, some are also looking for small ways to put a cap on their family expenses, including groceries, leisure activities and household and personal-care items. But sometimes that can be tough, so Anita has some few tips on saving money this summer, while keeping your sense of humor:

  • Plan play dates outdoors and encourage everyone to bring their lunch for a fun picnic at a local park. It cuts back on the costs of hosting a play date at a kids gym or play center, not to mention that a little fresh air and play means you may get to relax when the kids tire out early from expending so much energy!
  • ?Look for savings on everyday items and brands that offer more for less. When it comes to makeup, drugstore brands are a great alternative to more expensive department store items and install a water filter to your faucet instead of springing for expensive bottled water for you and the kids.
  • Can't afford to go to the museum every week? Go online and print out information about common plants, bugs and flowers then make learning fun by going on a nature walk at a local park (or even your own backyard). It's free and fun.
  • Plan family nights "in" and make cooking dinner a group activity: younger kids can help with food preparation, mixing, etc. while older kids can take responsibility for certain areas of the meal (e.g. side dishes, salad, dessert) for a family potluck. Afterwards, rent a movie or have a family "game night" instead of going to the theater or participating in another costly activity
About Anita Renfroe

It's been a wild decade going from "stay-at-home-mom" to "YouTube comedic Phe-mom-enon" but Anita Renfroe doesn't mind. With her unique brand of estrogen flavored musical comedy and blend of sass, edge and slightly offbeat takes on All Things Female, audiences at her comedy concert tours, Anita's fans say that Anita just tells it like it is. Some would also say Anita just says what everyone else is thinking, but won't say out loud.

"I'd rather people laugh because they relate to something I say than because I wrote a clever punch line," Anita says. "All my stuff is about my life – it's real and it connects people - and that's a wonderful thing."

Anita's brand new DVD "It's Probably Just My Thyroid" does just that – making people laugh with her off-the-wall insights and music, including her hilarious parody of Carrie Underwood's No. 1 smash hit "Before He Cheats" cleverly retitled "Before I Eat." Filmed in her hometown of Atlanta before a sold-out crowd, "It's Probably Just My Thyroid" was released in April.

Renfroe, who some have described as "this generation's Erma Bombeck" is a featured comedian on ABC's "Good Morning America" with 15 comedy segments scheduled to air in 2008. In 2007, Renfroe performed in front of more than 400,000 women during the Women of Faith's Amazing Freedom conferences. She will be a featured speaker during this year's Women of Faith 2008 Infinite Grace Conferences hitting 29 cities across the U.S. Renfroe and her husband John live in Atlanta and have three children, Calvin, Austin and Elyse. For more information, visit

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