ComEd Outage Tips

· If you see a downed power line, immediately call ComEd at 1-800-EDISON1 (1-800-334-7661) and report the location. Spanish-speaking customers should call 1-800-95-LUCES (1-800-955-8237).

· Never approach a downed power line. Always presume it is live and extremely dangerous.

· If you are experiencing an outage:
§ Turn off all appliances including your furnace, water heater, and water pump.
§ Leave a lamp on so you can know when power has been restored and to avoid a circuit overload when power is restored.
§ Keep freezer and refrigerator doors closed and open them only when necessary.

· If you are on a medical support system, it is suggested you evacuate to a comfortable and safe place.

· ComEd can't be held responsible for damages that occur as a result of events outside the company's control, such as lightning, wind, ice, hail, and tree or animal contact to our facilities.

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