First Bears game brings tailgate ban during game

CHICAGO But there won't be any of the traditional partying in Soldier Field's parking lot during the game because of a new tailgating crackdown.

"I think it stinks for all the people who don't have a ticket. People come here to tailgate. I think it's rotten," said Chuck Raimondi, season ticket holder.

The steaks were sizzling in the south parking lot of Soldier Field. But those Bears fans had to hurry up and eat.

Raimondi and his family were the first fans in the lot for Thursday's game. They were taking advantage of all four hours of tailgating that are allowed.

Starting on Thursday, fans will no longer be able to stay outside in the parking lot during the game. Most tailgaters said the new rule in unnecessary.

"I don't like it. I don't like it at all because there's a lot of people who can't get into the stadium and come out here and have a good time. I haven't seen anybody misbehave. And I think there's more people inside the stadium that cause problems than outside," said one fan.

"I don't think that they're good rules because a lot of people can't go into the game and still want to party out here, so why not let them?" said fan Carolina Hernandez.

Officials with the Chicago Bears say the move is part of a crackdown on unruly behavior. After the kickoff, security guards will move through the lot, stop the games and kick everyone out. There was one fan, however, who thinks the Bears management is making the right move.

"You have too many people sitting in the parking lot drinking. When you get out of the game, it's real rowdy. This way, you curtail some of that," said Roger Wolowiec.

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