Chicagoans react to Russia-Georgia conflict

They walked from Millennium Park to Daley Plaza in hopes of bringing more attention to the conflict. Many of them have family members still in Georgia who describe the invasion as terrifying.

"I couldn't sleep for two nights. My parents are over there, they are afraid. There is no information, everything is off, all of the TV stations are off," said Irakli Rekhviashvili who has family in Georgia.

"We are absolutely outraged by the events that's been taking place in the republic of Georgia in the 21st century, such things are taking place, countries being invaded and they are demanding toppling down of the government. If the US and the western world won't stand up to this, it's going be a worse mess," said Anna Onian whose family is in Georgia.

Some of the protesters say they are considering going back to Georgia to help fight for their family's freedom.

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