Top 10 Back-To-School Trends-Fall 2008

    1. City Prep- blazers, boyfriend cardigans, skinny scarves and ties, pleated skirts with tights, plaid and argyle will all be stylish this fall
    2. Retro Fit- get a modern twist on flashback favorites with belted waists, pencil skirts, full skirt, fur collars and leather gloves
    3. Mixed Patterns- mixing florals with stripes or plaid and argyle is hot this fall. Clashing layers and textures will be all the rage
    4. Boy Meets Girl- slouchy trousers, vests, tweed and tuxedo tailoring will give girls a polished look
    5. 70's style/Bohemian- bell bottoms, shirt dresses, fringe, Navajo inspired patterns, embroidery, shaggy coats and vests - the Bohemian style is carrying over from the summer
    6. Romantic-soften any look with lace, ruffles, bows and ombre prints
    7. Sophisticated Florals- summer's bright florals are replaced by deeper, richer fall colors with dark backgrounds
    8. Rock Star- get an edgy look with head-to-toe black, leather jackets, military boots, corset belts, studded accessories and stilettos
    9. Color- It's all about the color this fall. Rich jewel tones, berry brights and pastel neutrals are all fair game
    10. Denim- teens will have many options to flatter their body types. High-waisted, skinny, worn-in "boyfriend," traditional and the wide leg are all in this season


    1. 70's styles- bell bottoms, vests and shaggy coats will channel put a little hippy into guys this fall
    2. Embellished pockets- this season it's all about the button flap pocket for denim. Look for embellished styles with color and embroidery
    3. Preppy- earn that grade this season by dressing the part. The preppy look is back with clean lines, vests, blazers and ties
    4. Sporty style- track jackets, nylon vests, and high-top sneakers will be must have items this fall.
    5. Mismatching patterns and colors- no need to coordinate colors and patterns this season
    6. Footwear- Converse is a hot item for back to school. Look for gray, navy, red and even plaid
    7. Retro- put a modern twist on oldie looks with skinny tailored suits and tortoiseshell glasses
    8. Rock and Punk- guys can rock head-to-toe black, plaid pants and band t-shirts
    9. Color- neutrals are in full force this fall but don't forget about the deeper hues, such as cranberry red, olive green, or navy
    10. Laid Back Look- guys can lounge around in worn-in denim, cargo shorts, waffle tees and hoodies

Back-to-School spending up

It's the heart of summer, but parents are already thinking about back to school shopping. According to the National Retail Federation, parents will begin shopping at least three weeks before school starts. Back to school spending for kindergarten through 12th grade is expected to reach more than $20 billion this year, up from $18 billion last year. The NRF also cites one-fifth of parents nationwide have set aside a portion of their stimulus check for back-to-school purchases.

Parents will take advantage of deals and promotions when they can to stretch their dollars even further. The average family with school-aged children will spend $594.24, compared to $563.49 last year. The largest category increase is electronics where parents will spend $151.61, up from $129.24 last year. With Best Buy set to open at Mall of America® Aug. 8, Mall of America is the perfect shopping destination for families with more than 520 stores and tax-free clothing and shoes. Also, with the majority of shoppers spending a large portion of their back to school budget on clothing and accessories, kids will have fun shopping for new and classic trends.

"Denim is a key category, with an emphasis on individualized fits, washes and embellishment. Girls will rock everything from plaid to lace and will transform and update items in their existing wardrobe with accessories such as scarves, necklaces and belts. Guys are sporting geek chic, rocker and part-prep looks. These looks are being translated with vests, cardigans, graphic details and classic gear with destruction touches," said Sara Rogers, Mall of America® trend specialist.

Kids and teens will sport plenty of new styles this season. Girls will rock fringe, bows and full skirts. Guys will sport vests, embellished denim and track jackets. Look for sophisticated floral prints, studded accessories and Navajo inspired patterns to spruce up any ensemble without depleting a budget. Mixing patterns such as floral and stripes will also be hot this season.

A destination for more than 40 million visitors annually, Mall of America has more than 520 stores including a hundred fashion-forward stores carrying the latest in clothing, accessories and shoes especially for teens.

For more information on all the latest back to school trends, visit

Chicago Merchandise List


Fleur de leis Graphic Tee - Bloomingdale's - $20.00
Puma Long Sleeve Tee - Bloomingdale's - $26.00
Plaid Button Up Shirt - Bloomingdale's - $36.50
Green w/ Orange Track Pant - Bloomingdale's - $36.00
Khaki Cargo Pant- Bloomingdale's - $11.90

Plaid Vest - Sears - $28.00
Blue Pattern Button-up Shirt - Sears - $44.00
Burgundy Graphic Tee - Sears - $28.00
Chalk Stripe Pant - Sears - $58.00
Pattern Tie - Sears - $25.00
High Top Converse - Marshall's - $19.99

Down vest - Marshall's - $24.99
Houndstooth Hoodie - Marshall's - $29.99
Polo Collar Shirt - Marshall's - $16.99
Burnt Orange Tee - Marshall's - $12.99
Slip on Shoe - Spring - $39.99

Bomber Jacket - Jimmy Z - $99.50
Graphic Button up Shirt - Jimmy Z - $59.50
Graphic Tee - Jimmy Z - $39.50
Jeans - Jimmy Z - $69.50
Belts - Jimmy Z - $30.00 / each
Black & Silver Cross Necklace- Jimmy Z - $7.50
Leather / Silver Necklace - Jimmy Z - $20.00
Metal Cross - Jimmy Z - $25.00
Embossed Shoe - Nordstrom Rack - $69.90

Navy Cardigan - Benetton - $79.00
T-shirt - Benetton - $24.00
Red Scarf - Metro Park - $19.00
Turquoise Scarf - Metro Park - $9.00
Slim Jean - Benetton - $89.00


Green Tee - Nordstrom - $22.00
Plaid Scarf- Nordstrom - $16.00
Skinny Jean - Nordstrom - $74.00
Brown Bootie - Payless - $37.99
Leather Jacket - Arden B - $98.00

Floral Print Dress - Bloomingdale's - $85.00
Sweater Coat - Bloomingdale's - $168.00
Pink Tunic - Bloomingdale's - $78.00
Plum Tight - Nordstrom - $14.50
Knee High Sock - Nordstrom - $10.00
Boot - Steve Madden - $159.95

Plaid Top - Torrid - $36.00 Black Wide Leg Pant - Torrid - $48.00
Black Vest - Arden B - $68.00
Argyle Ballet Flat - Payless - $21.99

Cami - Marshall's - $5.99
Blue Long Sleeve Tee - Marshall's - $7.99
Hoodie - Marshall's - $24.99
Denim Skirt - Marshall's - $10.00
Leggings - Marshall's - $7.99
Patent Flat - Spring - $39.99

Skinny Belts - Martin + Osa - $34.50/ each
Deco Lace Tights - Nordstrom - $19.00
Pattern Tight - Nordstrom - 24.00
Purse - Spring - $29.99
Fringe Bootie - Nordstrom - $39.99
Pink Scarf - Benetton - $29.00
Ombre Scarf - Benetton - $29.00 Peep toe bootie - Spring - $39.99

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