Make up artist Carmindy of TLC's What Not to Wear

Before look:

80's color choices

  • We will have the before look prepared and shot before it goes on camera and this will be a dramatic use of colors. It will show overdone eyeliner, bright bold color choices for the eyes and lips
  • Over shimmery color choice
  • Again, this look will be shot before we go on camera and will showcase shimmer on the eyes and lips as well as a shimmer bronzer to create a dramatic over sparkled look
  • foundation face
  • This will be a piling on of concealer, foundation and powder to show a very over made up look.

After tips:

TIP 1:

  • You don't need to be afraid of using color, just choose the right hue. You don't want to have color everywhere. You want to highlight one feature. So if you want to show off your eyes, use bold colors that suite your eye color and will show it off. Try a navy blue for brown, brown for blue and amethyst shades for green eyes. Then you want to go with a neutral lip so the eyes stand out.
  • If you want your lips to be the focus then you want to use neutral shades on the eyes and a bright bold lip color that isn't too glossy or shimmery.

  • Always Perfect Liquid Liner ($7.95), Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palette ($7.95)
  • TIP 2:

  • Shimmer is for the disco so you don't want to go overboard, especially during the day. If you look in the sunlight you can usually see the mica just laying on top of your skin. You really want your makeup to look like you aren't wearing any. You don't want people to be able to see it laying on your skin.
  • If you want a hint of shimmer on your lips, instead of using a shimmery lipstick, try a sheer formula in a bright color. A rose color is universally flattering. If you really love shimmer, use a tinted lip balm with a little shimmer in it to get a more natural look.
  • For the eyes, you don't want glitter and shimmer all over the place, just use a highlighter shade from an eyeshadow palette that has a slight hint of sheen and highlight the brown bone, on top f the cheek bone and in the corner of the eyes to brighten you up without making you look like you are ready for the disco.
  • Most bronzers out there have a lot of shimmer in them. And again you don't want to see that kind of shimmer during the day, so you want to stick to a bronzer that doesn't have shimmer. Try my Cream bronzer, it melts into the skin so it just looks like you have a sun-kissed glow.

  • Color Comfort Lip Color ($9.95), Moisture Plump Lip Balm ($8.95), Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palette ($7.95), Cream Bronzer ($11.95)
  • TIP 3:

  • You never want to look like you have a mask of foundation on top of your skin. It should look as though your skin looks flawless naturally. Use a sheer liquid foundation that goes on sheer and you should pick a shade that literally melts into your skin so you can't see it. Always buff the foundation in with a sponge to avoid the foundation face ring. Then follow it up with a translucent powder to set the makeup.

  • Your Skin Foundation ($12.95), Truly Translucent Powder ($12.95)
  • Carmindy will be at the following Chicago area locations.

    Friday 8/15:

  • 1PM to 3PM at CVS -711 N. Ogden, Chicago
  • 4PM to 6PM at Ulta - 456 E. Rand Road, Arlington Heights
  • Saturday 8/16:

  • 11:30AM to 1:30PM at CVS - 741 West 31st Street, Chicago
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