Marigold Restaurant- Lamb Koftas


(Spiced hand rolled ground lamb 'meatballs')

Serves 4-6 People


For the Koftas (Meatballs) (Yield – 15 Koftas)

1 lb. finely ground (minced) lamb

1 tsp ginger paste

1 tsp garlic paste

2 serrano chilies (finely chopped)

1 tsp garam masala

1 tsp ground coriander

one-half tsp red chili powder

one-half tsp salt

5 tablespoon flour (all purpose flour or corn flour can be used)

For the Sauce

1 large white (spanish) onion (finely sliced)

1 tsp ginger paste

1 tsp garlic paste

1 tablespoon greek-style thick yogurt

1 cup tomato puree

1 cup water

1 tsp ground coriander

1 tsp garam masala

4 tsp fenugreek leaves

one-half tsp. turmeric

one-half tsp red chili powder

1 tsp salt (adjusted to taste)

5 tablespoons vegetable / cooking oil


Combine all the ingredients for the koftas in a large mixing bowl and mix well. (A hand-mixer can be used).

From this mixture, hand-roll 2 oz. round koftas (use a 2 oz ice cream scoop).

Set the koftas aside on a sheet tray (gently spray the sheet tray with Pam)

Heat the vegetable oil in a stock pot on medium-high heat.

First saute the ginger and garlic paste till lightly golden brown (1 minute)

Then add the onions, mix well and saute till onions are lightly brown (2-3 minutes)

Then add the tomato puree and ½ cup water, mix well and continue to cook (3-4 minutes)

Add all the spices, yogurt and ½ cup water, mix well, and continue to cook the sauce (4-5 minutes)

Once the sauce comes to boil, gently drop in the koftas and reduce heat to medium

Cover the pot and let the koftas cook through (15-20 minutes).

Serve hot with naan bread or rice.


a. Paneer is an Indian cottage cheese. It is widely available frozen in grocery stores along Chicago's wonderful Little India neighborhood on Devon Avenue (west of Western). Paneer is also available in the dairy and cheese aisles of leading specialty stores like Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Treasure Island, etc.

b. Tofu is a good substitute for paneer

c. Ground beef, though not traditionally consumed in India, is a good substitute for ground lamb.

d. All the spices listed above also can be found on Devon or the stores listed above. These spices are now available in your local Jewel and Dominick's stores as well.

e. Ginger and garlic paste is also available on Devon Avenue. Alternatively you can easily make it by mixing finely chopped ginger and garlic with salad oil in a blender

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