Child, 2 adults hospitalized after car goes into pond

TREVOR, Wis. The accident happened Friday night around 9 p.m. in Trevor, about one mile north of the Illinois state line. The car swerved on Highway C then rolled over before landing in four feet of water.

The woman driving and her fiance managed to get out of the car. A rescue firefighter had to swim underwater to reach the child.

"He was able to access the child pretty quickly, but he had a hard time trying to get the seatbelt off. He was able then to, he had a knife in his pocket and was able to cut the seatbelt and bring the baby out," said Chief Mike Slover, Fire & Rescue, Town of Salem.

Emergency workers revived the girl on the scene. She was airlifted by helicopter to Children's Hospital in Milwaukee. Her condition is not yet known.

The two adults were also hospitalized.

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