Suburban dog killed by coyote

ELGIN Coyotes are on the prowl. At least two dogs have been attacked recently. And one of them was killed.

Maryanne Leone showed the spot on her driveway where recently a coyote snatched her beloved 4-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Bella.

"I heard her make a very small noise and she was gone," said Leone.

Ironically, Leone took Bella to the front of the house because she had been warned about coyotes in other neighbors' back yards. The Elgin subdivision has seen an increase in coyote activity. Just two weeks ago, the Pylypiws' dog Beenie was also attacked.

"There was a group of coyotes. At first, we didn't see anything. We heard a yelp and saw her hightailing towards the house," said Billy Pylypiw.

Coyotes are a natural part of the habitat in areas like Kane County. Most of the time, they stay away from humans. But as more people encroach onto what used to be their territory, the number of interactions increase.

According to the Kane County Department of Natural Resources in Elgin, it doesn't matter if you're in a subdivision or anywhere else in the city, there is likely a coyote somewhere nearby whether you know it or not.

Carlos Cardoso said he won't let his dog out of his home without a leash.

"Not only that, we have to worry about the little kids as well. You know, I have grandkids. They can't be outside because there are wild animals," said Cardoso.

Kane County's animal control authorities say that this is something that those who choose to live in these areas must learn to deal with.

Tips for coexisting with coyotes

-don't allow pets to roam free, especially at night.

  • -don't leave small children unattended outside
  • -remove bird feeders and outside pet food containers
  • -store garbage in secure containers
  • -consider fencing your yard.
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