First responders lauded for rescuing boy from lake

CHICAGO The aldermen gave a standing ovation to all who combined to save the boy at Belmont Harbor. On April 18 Lazar Ognjenovic was strapped in a stroller being pushed by his grandfather when a gust of wind blew the stroller into the lake. The grandfather jumped into the water, but he could barely swim, and the stroller sank.

A fire department helicopter dropped divers who found Lazar 15 minutes after he fell in.

"When we need them, they're there. And certainly that child needed them. The grandfather needed them. And they were there. And I want to commend them and congratulate them because they certainly exemplify why the Chicago Fire Department is regarded as the best in the world," said Ald. Isaac Carothers, police and fire committee chairman.

Mayor Daley congratulated the heroes.

Doctors say Lazar has recovered and will lead a normal life.

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