Late Summer Picnic Potato Salad

One Large Bowl

Fingerling Potatoes, halved 5 lb.

Sweet corn, shucked 4 ears

Scallions, chopped 1 bunch

Mustard 2T

Nonfat Yogurt 1 c.

Nonfat Sour Cream 1 c.

Chopped Chives 2 oz.

Chopped Parsley 2 oz.

Bridgeport Seasoning

From the Spice House to taste

1. Place fingerling potatoes in stock pot with just enough cold water to cover them and enough salt that it tastes like the ocean. Cook until tender, drain, and chill.

2. If the corn is sweet and tender, don't cook it. If it's early in the season either grill or quickly saute corn for 2 minutes then chill.

3. Combine all ingredients and adjust seasonings to taste

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